Liberty Home Services


185 Kuntz Drive
Maple Plain, MN 55359

  • Specialties:
  • check Advisor and Contractor
  • check Home Maintenance, Porches, Ramps, Rails
  • check Decluttering and Organization of Home
About Liberty Home Services

LIBERTY HOME SERVICES is your trusted partner to manage accessibility, maintenance, and repair requirements to ensure a comfortable and secure environment for you or your loved ones at home. PEACE of MIND knowing your loved one's home environment is taken care of, providing MORE TIME in your schedule to spend precious moments with them.

Your Trusted Advisor
See us as your trusted advisor, not a salesperson. We partner with you to assess what the work is, when the work should be performed, who should perform the work, or advise you to defer the work that may not be necessary.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to be prudent on home making decisions in a manner as if it were our own home and budget. Our responsibility is to ensure your home is safe, accessible and well-maintained.

Peace of Mind
Peace of mind knowing your home environment is safe, accessible, and well maintained.

Hand Railings
We can install hand railings on external porches or door access areas, as well as install handlebar access within the home.

Options for Liberty Home Services

  • General Advisor: As needed and/or quarterly review of needs
  • Service Provider
  • General Contractor
  • Sub-Contractor

Ongoing Service Options

  • Keep water softener salt filled
  • Ensure snow removal
  • Filters are replaced
  • Ensure lawn is maintained
  • House cleaning
  • General house activities (moving furniture, changing lightbulbs, etc.)

One Time Work Item Options

  • Install handicap hand bars or additional hand railings
  • Install access ramps, outside or inside of home
  • Install walk-in tubs or replace tubs with walk-in showers
  • House painting
  • De-clutter and organization of home
  • Update or install porches/decks
  • Ensure sidewalks or pavers paths are level/safe

Walk In Tub Conversion Kits

We install a walk in door to your EXISTING tub, avoiding a major bathroom remodel.

Shower Walls and Surrounds
Remove tub and replace with new shower and surrounds.

Grab Bars and Other Improvements
We can install grab bars where needed in the house, replace bathroom vanities, etc.

Sidewalks and Paths
We can improve walking paths and landscaping on the property.

Decluttering and Organization of Home
We have advisors that come along side you or a loved one to help organize the home living situation.

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