Cool Gadgets for Seniors


As a senior, you may be wondering about the latest gadgets that can complement your lifestyle. Fortunately, technology companies have been focusing on products meant for seniors for the last several years. So, while the future may include smart homes with robotic assistants, plenty of high-tech gadgets are available today for older adults to enjoy.


Tablets offer a portable way for seniors to browse the internet, make voice and video calls, send emails, share photos with friends and family, and even play games for entertainment. While there are several tablets to choose from, the GrandPad is built for seniors who may be a little intimidated by technology. It has a simplified design with large buttons, so it's easy to navigate. Like most tablets, it also has preinstalled apps for news, music, and weather to keep you up to date on the latest information.

Companion Robots

If you want your technology to have some personality, many high-tech companies are now creating robots that interact with people. Artificial intelligence product design is especially trendy these days for those who want to enjoy the company of robotic pets and virtual assistants. For example, ElliQ is a voice-activated companion robot that keeps you company. ElliQ can give reminders about medication or appointments, enable video calls with friends and relatives, provide motivating conversation throughout each day, and even tell jokes. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners take the hassle out of bending down to vacuum hard-to-reach places. They move freely around your home, even under tables and chairs, to keep your floors and carpets clean. There are several robotic vacuums on the market ranging in price. One worth considering is the iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum, a less expensive alternative to some of the more high-end brands that will still provide the convenience of a robotic vacuum cleaner at a more budget-friendly price. 

GPS Trackers

Misplaced household items such as keys, phones, wallets, tv remotes, or anything else that's likely to go into hiding won't be a problem with GPS trackers. Small, lightweight GPS trackers are becoming a popular and handy gadget to track your everyday items that are often easy to lose. One device getting a lot of attention is the Tile Pro, a Bluetooth tracker that helps you find your personal belongings. By using an app on your phone or a special Tile keychain, you'll be guided right to your misplaced items, whether they are inside or outside the home.

Smart Watches

Seniors on the move may like owning a smartwatch. In addition to displaying the time, many smartwatches now act as personal health assistants by including features for tracking blood pressure, monitoring heart rate, and analyzing hydration and sleep patterns. Some models, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic, can even detect falls. 

More and more tech companies are creating innovative products and high-tech gadgets for seniors. Like everyone else, older adults want to stay connected, enjoy conveniences, and gain peace of mind. With the rapid advances in technology, they can now even enjoy a joke or two from a robot with a sense of humor.

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