10 Ways to Stay Connected with Grandchildren and Loved Ones


For a senior living in a community or alone, staying connected with others is an important part of their well being. Social interactions have been known to increase mental and physical health. For grandparents, this can include being connected with grandchildren whether in person or virtually. Take a look at some ways to keep in touch with family and loved ones while remaining safe and healthy.

1. Using Technology

For the younger generations, technology is very common as they grew up with texting, video calls, and gaming. One great way to connect is over video calls if you live far away or are social distancing. You can catch up with loved ones over video and not miss a thing! There are great resources and tutorials on how to set up video call apps or have a grandchild teach you and share their knowledge with you.

2. Social Media

A majority of teenagers and young adults are on social media sharing their lives with others. More older adults are joining Facebook and can keep up with what their grandchildren and loved ones are up to. This is especially convenient for those with busy lives and to connect with friends as well. This adds another communication channel to stay in touch with grandchildren.

3. Reading Books & Stories

Most grandchildren cherish quality time with their grandparents and love when they get to read books together and hear stories. Read books with younger children whether this is in person or over video calls. The older children can help read the stories as well. To connect with older children, try reading the same book together and discuss the book together.

4. Write Handwritten Letters

Snail mail is still an effective way to show someone you are thinking of them and to send a personal message they can keep. For younger grandchildren it may be exciting to receive mail since everything is mostly online now. Writing handwritten letters is something they can hold on to and return the favor by sending you something. Update family and friends, share encouraging words, or include photos. There is something special about receiving letters like these in the mail from someone you love!

5. Share Experiences & Stories

Grandchildren love to hear about your past experiences and what it was like for you to grow up as times change so quickly. It is fun for them to hear about their parents as kids too. They can gain from your wisdom and experiences that can be valuable to them later on. This is a good bonding and quality time together as well.

6. Play Games

At any age, playing games together is fun and rewarding. Games help stimulate the brain and produce positive benefits on one’s health. Find a board game to play with grandchildren, learn an online game, or play over video calls. There are multiple ways to play games together online through video calls, websites, and apps. Try something new!

7. Do a puzzle together

Puzzles can be fun at any age and yields more quality time spent together. They come in all difficulty levels depending on the age of your grandchildren. This is a fun activity to do together as you can even frame it when you're done to remember what you accomplished together.

8. Bake or Cook

Share your love of baking or cooking with your grandchildren or loved ones. This is a great way to share your favorite recipes and teach them how to bake or cook. Even if you can’t be with them in person, hop on a video call and bake together! These shared memories and recipes will live on with them throughout the years.

9. Create Personalized Gifts

If you like to craft, knit, or being creative, a fun way to share that with others is to make personalized gifts. This could be a knit blanket, scrapbook or photo book, or anything else you like to make. Whether it’s for a grandchild or loved one, they will love the handmade and personalized gifts you give them.

10. Activities/Events

Doing activities together can be fun and gets you outside of the house too. Whether it is going to a grandchild’s sporting event, concert, going to parks, or going on walks with friends. Around the holidays, there are lots of activities to participate in with grandchildren and loved ones such as seeing holiday light displays, shopping, concerts, etc.

How do you stay connected with grandchildren and loved ones?

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