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Senior Communities Guide is involved with the community by hosting free events and educational seminars. Here is a list of our upcoming events.

Homecare Choices

Wednesday, May 1st, 2024

Join us and learn about the variety of homecare services available which might fit your needs best.

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Past Events

Extraordinary Places to Visit

David Benenson from World Class Travel will tell stories and show amazing photos of the places he and his clients have been.

Travel Talk

Learn about customized trip planning and what a travel escort does for individual seniors and couples.

Leaving a Legacy

Get all of your questions answered by experts to live a comfortable retirement knowing your financial legacy is secure. Plus, we'll talk about your life story!

Bucket List Action Plan

Our fun lunch & learn helps people create a Bucket List Action plan. Everyone will walk away with a booklet they create during this class.

Staying In Your Home

Our speakers talk about making your house more accessible and when to start receiving home care.

What You Should Do Before You Need Assisted Living

Our speakers answer questions about protected assets, when the right time is to sell your home and what you should do with all of your extra stuff.

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