Why Marketing to Seniors is Different


Marketing is an important part of your business, and when it comes to the senior market it is different from reaching the younger generations. This is because the senior demographic is unique and in order to be successful your strategies should change. To increase your success in this area it is key to look at the different types of marketing and the content.

Types of Marketing

With the younger generation on all social media and video streaming platforms, marketing is spread out among those areas. For seniors, most of them are only on Facebook which becomes the main platform to get messages across. Print ads, television commercials, email and radio ads are still a way to market to seniors as well.

Seniors are spending more time online using smartphones and tablets as something to keep in mind regarding websites and advertisements. Most importantly, you need to know where your audience is and how to get their attention as this looks different among age groups.

Another tip is to get into popular newsletters, events, and senior centers where you will get noticed by seniors and their loved ones.

Marketing Content

The main difference between marketing to seniors versus the younger generations is the content and language used. Seniors aren’t going to understand hip language and slang words, they may not find it funny and can disengage with your content. Use easy-to-understand language that explains what your business or product is with an emphasis on how it could benefit their life.

Most seniors may not be influenced by whether your product is number one in the world or has been endorsed by a celebrity, they want to know they can trust it and that it will better enhance their life. Building trust with them is important and will help make your business stand out in creating a relationship with them. Focusing on quality and the impact on their life is far more valuable to them than the price or rankings.

Some seniors have a hard time seeing smaller print and colors as adjusting this is very helpful. Increase the text size when you can and simplify colors and patterns for ease of reading. For online content, enlarge buttons and have simple navigations/titles so there is little to no confusion on where to go. For print, use large text and easy-to-read colors.

For example, two dark colors on top of each other may be hard to read so add more contrast between the two. Some people would prefer watching videos over reading a long list of words, having the option of video could increase your success. This can be helpful when explaining a product or a tutorial of some kind. Another thing to consider is personal testimonies from other customers to show how the business or product has changed their life. Seniors want to see personal interaction and good customer service as well.


Having straightforward, simple and clear marketing content will appeal to the senior market. If you market to seniors, having these things in mind can help reach more of your target audience and get more in return. If you are looking for additional help or guidance contact Senior Communities Guide's design, website, and marketing experts at Avallo. Avallo.com