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Live Independently Longer

AthenaShield Non-Wearable Fall Detector

Our device detects falls where pendants are rarely worn, such as in the bedroom, bathroom, and main living areas. It works even when the person is injured or unconscious.

Get help for a person even if they are unconscious

  • The fall detector is waterproof and lightweight
  • The batteries never need changing
  • Includes 2-Way communication including the GPS location
  • Includes caregiver notifications such as text alerts if a fall occurs
  • We also have an optional caregiver app with real-time room presence and fall location

Medical Alert Pendant

The ultra-light, low-profile, 4 G-enabled medical alert device is designed to keep a person safe on the go.

Voice Activated Speaker

This device allows for hands-free calling to an emergency contact or EMS when help is needed.

Independence with Less Intervention

Automatic Medication Dispenser

Minimize loading errors and save up to 1 hour per month of filling/ sorting time compared to older models.

  • 24/7 Support for refilling, setup, and changes
  • We offer a Service Plan that allows for the monitoring of the device so that you can receive a call or text when medication is missed
  • Battery backup during power outages
  • Audio and Visual Reminders, Tamper proof for maximum security
  • Caregivers can load the device and monitor compliance

90-Day Medication Dispenser

  • Device automatically dispenses up to 90 days of medication for each medication up to 10 maximum.
  • No more sorting pills!! Just pour your medication bottles into their respective tubes and the machine does the rest.

28 Dose Medication Dispenser

  • Device automatically dispenses medication to patients up to 4 times per day and hold up to 28 doses of medication
  • Easy to pack when traveling

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