Who is visiting Senior Communities Guide?

We connect seniors to communities

  • Vast majority of views are seniors
  • SCG is expanding reach everyday
  • High rate of engagement with Facebook Ads
  • Communities will save referral $$$$


We have reached over a million people in Minnesota and Wisconsin


  • A majority of those who find us are seniors
  • The others are families, caretakers and social workers


  • A majority of views are from women who tend to be the caretakers and social workers
  • Men still account for almost 1/3 of searches

Location of Visitors

  • The overwhelming majority of website visitors are located in Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • The highest population areas having the most visitors

Sample Profile Numbers

  • Summerhill Cooperative in Maplewood
  • March - September, 2022
  • Profile page views 2659
  • Unique Visitors 1360

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